Course Overview

Young Beginners Ballet (ages 7-11)

The Young Beginners Program is preparing students for EFBS Pre-Full Time. The classes are taught by Lucy Hutton and emphasizes on the fundamental aspects in Ballet.


The Saturday's class ensures young students the right training from an early age. When they are old enough, they can audition for EFBS Pre-Full Time School.

Saturday Classes are from 1pm-2pm ages 7-11.


Total Hours:

1 hour per week


Age 7-11 £80 per term.

Pre-Full Time School (ages 12+)

Pre-Full Time performing in EFB School Show

Resident Edinburgh Students (Group A)

Monday to Thursday: 5.15pm to 6:45pm


Group B

Sunday 10am-4:45pm + once a week (Mon-Fri: 5:15pm-6:45pm)

Total Hours: min 7 1/2 hours per week.

Ballet, Contemporary, Modern incl. Improvisation, Choreography, Theatre and Dance History, Yoga and Pilates, Body Control and Nutrition.

This is a pre-schooling program for the Full Time School, obviously the more training the more the chances to reach an acceptable level.

£750 per term, there are 3 terms in a year.



Term assessments with a larger end of year annual written assessment.


There would be a maximum of 20 pupils in each class, but for some classes the number would be less to intensify the tuition.

Peter is using the same high level teaching structure and a specialised Syllabus as when he founded English National Ballet School, The Royal Danish Ballet School in Holstebro (DK). The faculty consists of professional dancers, teachers, directors and ballet critics and historians/scholars.

Teaching is done by the EFB Team. Other teachers involved are all handpicked by Peter and will consist of internationally renowned dancers and teachers.

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