Frequently asked questions

How do payments work?

The Total Yearly Cost for the school is £2250

Registration is £100 which you should have already paid.

Following payments are as follows:

First Payment: £650 - Date of Payment : 1 August 2019

Second Payment : £750 - Date of Payment : 1 December 2019

Third Payment : £750 – Date of Payment : 1 March 2020

What uniform do we have to wear to classes?

Black Ballet Leotard to be fitted at Dancewear

Bloch Contour Soft Convertible Pink Ballet Tights

So Danca SD16 Canvas Split Sole Pink Ballet Shoe

Pointe Shoes (pink)

EFB School Hoodies – Available to purchase in September

What are the Full-Time term dates?

Term dates are listed below. Term dates for session 2020/21 will be released in due course.

What funding is available for the 3 year Full-Time Course?

SAAS, the Student Awards Agency for Scotland, offers eligible students approximately £1,205 funding each year. Visit to apply or to find out if you are eligible. You will need to apply through the SAAS website before the appropriate date.

Are English residents eligible for SAAS funding?

Unfortunatelt, applicants from England do not qualify for funding through SAAS or SLC.

Is there accommodation provided for Full-Time students?

EFBS does not have any on-campus residences but will assist in finding approriate student accommodation. Most of our students use IQ:

What are the Pre-School fees and term dates?

Pre-School Fees £750 per term Term Dates (Group 1: Mon-Fri/Group B: Sun+1) Term 1 September 1st – December 2nd, 2021 (half term October 18th – October 31st) Term 2 January 5th – March 31st, 2022 (half term February 14th - 20th) Term 3 April 16th – June 19th, 2022 (half term May 23th – 29th)

What are the Young Beginners Ballet fees and term dates?

Young Beginners Ballet Fees £80 per term Term Dates (Saturdays) Term 1 September 11th - November 27th Term 2 January 9th - March 27th (Half Term February 13th) Term 3 April 17th - June 19th (Half Term May 22nd)

What are the Full-Time fees and term dates?

Fees £9000 per year (attach term dates)

What support do you have in place for student health and well being?

Margaret Papoutsis is our Performance Health Consultant for Edinburgh Festival Ballet School. She is an Osteopath and Nutritional Therapist who has spent a lifetime at the leading edge of performance medicine. Find out more at:

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