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Course Overview

Full Time Training & Peter Schaufuss Diploma

FULL TIME (Ages 16+)

3 years, a minimum of 32 weeks of training a year, Sunday - Friday


The Full Time Course is designed to support students pursuing a career in performance with a specific focus on ballet. Classical ballet education will incorporate technical tuition in adage and corps de ballet repertoire, solos, pas de deux and virtuosity.

Beyond the basis of technical excellence, the course will nurture a wider range of skills required by the professional performers of tomorrow. Schaufuss himself has written the course content designed to challenge students and propel them towards a successful career.


Complementary subjects will be offered, such as drama, anatomy, contemporary and Pilates as well as dance history, music and choreographic styles supported by theatre visits.

As further preparation to break into such a demanding and rewarding industry, students will be mentored in audition techniques and performance style, with the ultimate aim of achieving artistic eloquence on any stage.


As a showcase of their progress and of how their skills translate into a professional career, students will have the opportunity to give public performances of productions throughout each academic year in the iconic ‘Ashton Hall’ at Saint Stephen’s Edinburgh.

Upon completion, graduates will be presented with an SQA Higher National Diploma & Peter Schaufuss Diploma.


Our Full Time School ages 16+. costs £9000 per year.

If interested or require any further details please contact the School.

FULL TIME (Ages 18+)


Edinburgh Festival Ballet School - Peter Schaufuss Diploma


Specifically, for those who have recently graduated from a Ballet school can join the 3rd and final year of our EFB Full Time Course.


It’s a one-year pre-Professional programme which offers the possibility to tour with EFB Company.

£9000 for the full year.

Download links to resources below

Download the Edinburgh Festival Ballet School Prospectus here.

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