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Mission Statement

EFBS aims to provide students with the greatest possible individual attention from a dedicated, highly qualified and caring staff, furnishing them with a broad spectrum of training as well as knowledge, that aims to enable them to thrive in a wide variety of professional settings.

Students are encouraged to direct their natural talents to develop the skills required for their chosen career and to work together in an atmosphere of mutual understanding, enthusiasm and involvement.

The main emphasis of the course is on practical training within a comprehensive range of dance.

EFBS is dedicated to nurturing not only the talent and individual progress of each student but also their physical and psychological well-being.

Students are provided with lectures on dance health & nutrition, and have access to further advice on these areas, if required.

EFBS has contact with various, independent, fully-qualified therapists in both physical and psychological modalities.

Students are encouraged to discuss any problems with staff members.

EFBS exercises an Equal Opportunities Policy that is strictly adhered to and has a complaints procedure in place should that policy every be breached.

Any complaints or questions should be forwarded to either our school principal

or our general manager

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